Car Wax

S&B Norco Auto Detailing is a leading auto detailing company that uses modern techniques and imported products compatible with all types of paint to offer your vehicle a stunning look.

Never too early for touch-ups

If your vehicle’s paint has scratches or marks that are noticeable even after washing, you can schedule an appointment with S&B Norco auto detailing for a touch-up service. We’ll polish out any imperfections, so your car looks as good as new!

Paint protection

The revolutionary coatings we use are so durable that they can protect your vehicle’s paint from fading or chipping for a long time.


Carnuba Paste Wax

An application of premium combination paste wax (applied and removed by hand).
Tar and bug removal from grille and rocker panels prior to waxing, Floor mats spot cleaned .

Intended for a superior wet-look shine and lasting protection.

  • Show car look
  • Last 8 to 10 Weeks

Orbital Wax

An orbital tool saves you time and money. Detailing a vehicle with an orbital actually results in a much better job than polishing it by hand or with a rotary device. That’s because today’s clear-coat paints scratch very easily, leaving the hand polisher or rotary user in the position of oh-so-carefully polishing the vehicle while maintaining the paint’s integrity.

  • Last 4 to 6 Weeks
  • Prevent from hard sun
  • U.V Rays